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February 20, 2016
12:30 P.M.
Local Author John Cockcroft
Men's Friends

About the Author

John Cockroft was a newspaper journalist until the Internet yanked his job away and put it into social media devices. He also worked as a camp director, youth pastor, and souvenir photography salesman in the tourism industry. John is happily married with four diverse and energetic sons. He appears in independent films, makes his professional pictures available for sale, and reaches out to the international community regularly. John also did stand up comedy and has spoken to numerous groups. He was the one who found himself in need of a true friend at age 40. In addition to writing self-help books, John is working on a series of novels based on personal experiences. Visit to learn more about this unique man, his books, and to book him for public speaking engagements. Marv Nicholson is a longtime foster parent who gets along with everyone he meets. He is a professional truck driver, a family man, and a dedicated friend. He can figure out a way to make or fix just about anything. Marv is the hero of the story, who rescued John from certain disaster by befriending him in his time of need.
The first book in the Men's Friends® series, "Unlikely Friend" shows readers how technology is no substitute for real communication, which is essential for avoiding depression and isolation. "Unlikely Friend" is the true story of how the author, a married Christian man, found himself friendless and 40. He'd lost his best friend to an accident. Surrounded by acquaintances, he wanted more than the superficial. He did the unthinkable. He picked up the phone and called every man he could think of. The results were so unlikely that John wrote this book. This quirky, yet insightful tale will have you sharing the thrill of finding what you're looking for; and ultimately realizing the hope that you can have it, too.

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